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About US

Founded in 2003. The founders are passionate about AIMS.

Specializing in the provision of inspection consultancy services, non destructive testing, corrosion engineering and asset integrity management services.

Since 2003 RIA has pursued a policy of sustainable growth; always ensuring that it has the in house capability and resources to undertake new and varied work without jeopardizing existing contracts.

As its reputation amongst Clients as a reliable and quality supplier of NDT and Inspection services has grown, so the company has added to the range of services it has to offer to its customers.

To this end RIA has embarked upon a program of widening its geographical area of operation and further extending the services available, in order to take advantage of new business opportunities and to the specific needs of existing and new clients.

To become recognized as the nation best provider of quality testing services, corrosion engineering and inspection to the oil, gas, power, process and heavy manufacturing services.

Help create safer and more productive environment through quality services. RIA is committed to assist our clients in managing their operational, security and risks to minimize business interruption of their operations.

RIA Quality Program is to ensure that the various services provided by the Company are properly developed, performed, controlled, monitored and documented.

RIA considers the prevention of occupational injuries and illness to be of tremendous important and take precedence over operational matters. It has always been Company policy to make available the resources so as to ensure that all necessary safeguards are maintained to the highest standard.

RIA operates a Safety Program, which is supported by its management, supervisors and employees. The Program encourages co-operation between the parties since it is only through this co‑operative effort that the Company is able to achieve and maintain an enviable safety record.

Every employee recognizes that responsibility for health and safety is a shared responsibility.

RIA recognizes that its most valued asset is personnel and the most important service that the company can perform for customers is to assign to their projects qualified, experienced, competent and motivated professionals.

RIA recruitment and personnel policies are targeted at attracting and retaining personnel of the highest caliber. We expect our staff to assume responsibility; to use initiative; to work with minimum supervision;  to be mature and to demonstrate integrity and flexibility. The ability to adapt to the unique social environment of the region is considered essential.

All our inspectors and technicians are qualified and hold professional accreditation, degrees, diplomas or certificates in their particular disciplines. Our staffs, many of which are multi-disciplined, are actively encouraged to study for further qualifications or undergo specialized training.

RIA places great emphasis on the training of its personnel; whether it is for re-certification, the learning of new skills, the introduction of new technology, techniques and procedures, or solely for the purpose of updating knowledge gained previously.

As an investor in people, RIA firmly believes that staff will respond positively to target training programs. In addition to on-the‑job training, personnel receive formal classroom tuition. Achievers are also given the opportunity to attend specialized courses conducted at recognized institutes.

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